I had one of the worst starts for a good day. After getting extremely bored and playing several hours lousy Internet games and therefore staying awake till 3:40AM I didn't expect much from the day. Furthermore, I consumed half kilo(!) chocolate (produced by Jacquot, a French company) which didn't even taste good. When I finally went to sleep it was very hard because all the balls and blocks familiar from the games kept flashing in my eyes.

I woke up 7:30AM which makes barely three hours of sleep. I tend to get immediately out of the bed but this time I dragged myself to the Uni after 9AM. I was supposed to do some paid work but I chose to go to Automation laboratory instead because I tought I finally got some clue on a practical I should hand in today. I doubt that chocolate and lack of sleep are likely to make you more intelligent but definitely they had a positive effect this time because the whole inverted pendelum problem started to become much more clear. I opened a computer in the lab and Ta-daa! - here we go: Rules for the fuzzy logic controller were so clear they've never been before. Control engineering can be such a nice thing.

Another positive surprise waited me in a restaurant where I found a note worth of 50 marks (~$8) from a corner of the room. So I earned my food for the next week at the restaurant of the Uni.

After I had awarded my smart brains with nutriotionally balanced refreshments I had to take to work for I had already thought I better give up Fuzzy Logic and therefore I hadn't done anything for another practical but I managed to write the report in less than an hour. No problem, now I have to write a poster seminar for tomorrow and that will be it.

The studies of the day consisted of Programming II lecture where we were given an example of Dijkstra's algorithm for the shortest distance path. That sounded pretty easy and I cut it short and went for running. 11km went extremely smoothly, maybe because I didn't do anything the day before. The weather was very god for the running at this time of a year and there were surprisingly many other runners.

Hmm, strange how the day sounds quite worthless here written on the computer but I think I'm really deserved the huge cup of tea I'm sipping here. But it has been the day that even the yet undone fuzzy logic controller for a truck cannot spoil. I hope...