That's me, my good friend Nasu, two fellow basketballers and a coach as a god-like figure in a bus. It's gotta be halftime of the game but I don't know why we are in the bus. It feels natural, mind you. None of us has our basketball kit on.

I cannot see the coach-god - I don't even turn to him - but I definitely can feel his presence. He tolds me and Nasu to get out, rob a bank and orders those two other mates to replace us on the basketball field. All four of us step out of the bus and me & Nasu point who are the opponents they should defend. There's a big advertising sign hanging in the air which represents two fists with little fingers pointing on something that is supposed to be interesting. This is the fashionable way to point anything in the capital, Helsinki, nowadays: Use your little fingers instead of index fingers. I ape the gesture and would feel like an idiot if it wasn't supposed to be sarcastic.

However, we are on the duty here. We should steal some credit cards and their numbers. We have done this before - and got caught. I ask Nasu if there's any point to repeat the very same crime again because we will be busted in no time. "Well, what you gonna do", he says uninspirically. I agree. He means we really don't have a choice because the coach-god told us to do it.

So, this is happening in Hervanta, Tampere. There's a huge, I mean HUGE, machine people may withdraw cash out of it. First, Nasu takes the credit cards. I don't exactly know how he did it but maybe we had fixed the machine or something, I don't really know. Anyway, he has the cards, changes some money and finally puts one euro into the machine and thus the machine prints out the whole list of credit card numbers. There are loads of people in a queue but they don't do anything even though they witness the serious crime taking a place. They just stand in the queue waiting for their turn to use the machine that just was used in criminal purposes. We flee without panic. Been there, done that. While we run a loudspeaker in the Hervanta center makes our names known. It says that Nasu stole credit cards and there was me helping him, just like the last time.

We took a bus number 30. It's standing on the bus stop and no one's in. Nasu takes the driver seat. I notice two or three young mates on the back seat. We ignore each others. Nasu drives the bus aimlessly. I laugh that the police will get us soon. I ask if I should take the cards and hide them. Nasu says that it doesn't make a difference but we may try it. So, he slows down, opens the door and I jump out.

End of the story :)