I'm walking on the street outside a city. It's a broad sandy street lined with the big birches. Birds are singing and it's a perfect summer day. I'm not in a rush, roaming slowly around the beautiful scene.

Then I notice a girl coming towards me followed by the old friend of mine: Lemmy. I haven't seen him for years and because I think I look different now Lemmy doesn't recognize me. He's wondering, though, if he should know me. I can reason this from his eyes as he takes a quick look straight at my eyes.
"Lemström", I say mentioning his family name. (Me and my friends use to call each others with last names rather than first names. It's not to be formal but we just tend to do it at the south-west coast of Finland where I grew up.) He makes a stop responding "Laitinen" and looking happy. He makes some weird gestures trying to express that he wasn't sure who I was even though he felt like he should have known me. I smile and shrug. I ask how's it going and he tries to start saying something but his girlfriend who was couple of steps ahead doesn't look too happy with the interruption. She asks Lemmy to carry on walking because they are bit late.

Lemmy is sorry that he has to go but he has still something urgent to say. He asks if I know Kirsi V. because she was a girl who grew up in the same small city as I did. I tell Lemmy that of course I do because she was same age as me. Basically I knew everyone from the home city who were my age. "Then", Lemmy says, "I have something for you. Could you give this one to Kirsi..?" He pulls out a small punnet from his pocket. I can see that it seems to a punnet of great quality and I suspect there's ring or something inside.
Lemmy says that V.-Kirsi had won a writing competition. He tells me that Kirsi's short novel was one of the brilliancy. He asks me to give this award to her. I promise to do it.

Then I mention that I think Lemmy has to go now. By accident, some passer-bys had taken his barrow. They were walking past us and somehow confused they took Lemmy's barrow with them -- obviously it wasn't intentional. Lemmy's girlfriend is also doing gestures clearly being worried about the destiny of the barrow.

Lemmy says quickly goodbye as he strides after his barrow and old couple who took it. I stand still for a while looking after him. I feel quite good not to have an authorative figure like that as a girlfriend. I'm free as a bird. En somme, in the final analysis I think I look after the impossible. I think that if I had a girlfriend everything should happen in my terms. I recognize that it's not quite fair.
I take a step and start walking again letting my mind dwell on the issue of near future and possible girlfriends. I'm feeling goodish just the way it is at the moment...