This time I was in my room with three childhood and youth friends, Kim S, Nasu and Emu. It wasn't a room I had really ever owned but reminded a lot like the current one i.e. small, anonymous and messy. I was doing something on my computer when they arrived. Kim S was a bit distracted and Nasu wanted to go jogging with me. I hadn't yet run, so I agreed and turned off the computer and changed the running gear on. Emu was wondering, not aloud but I could see it from his eyes, why I didn't allow him to anything on the computer while we were running. The simple reason was that there was some personal stuff I didn't want anybody to see. Well, when asked I let him play some stupid little computer games but when we left I wasn't feeling that comfortable, suspecting Emu to nose around the files and folders.

Next I was with Kim S, chatting away on the topics of no particular interests. It became dark and I was ready to head home. However, Kim surprised me expressing his will to discuss about the more serious things. We have never really done it before because I haven't seen him for eight years. He said he was fed up with chitchat and asked how I was really doing. Well, I restated again that I hated work and tried to inhabit poor, bohemian lifestyle, making a virtue of the necessity. He asked if I had a girlfriend or alike. I nodded and asked if he was still with the girl he used to date back at vocational school. He wasn't and wasn't eager to talk about it. Anyway, we carried on the discussion mostly on sex but other aspects of life had their share too..