Why is faith looked at as a virtue? Why does religion say you need to have faith? Why is it that when someone doesn't have faith in a religious environment, he is looked down upon? Clearly, any institution that relies on faith to gain belief has some sort of flaw in it. Many religious people say that they have many doubts but their faith helps them past it. Why would they ignore their doubts? Why do they fight in the opposite direction?

I've had times where I thought that maybe God does exist, and realized that maybe I'm just being foolish. But as much as I'd like to believe that God exists, I still don't ignore my doubts, I nurture them. Now, I understand that ignoring petty, silly doubts in the face of convincing proof can be a good thing. But when one has doubts about the very foundation of a certain belief system, a belief system which says "faith" is a good thing, he should not ignore his doubts.