Konami's Mystical Ninja series is one of the greatest game series of all times, rivaling Square's Final Fantasy series IMO. The series is known as Ganbare Goemon in Japan and so far there have been eleven games in the series. Four for Super Nintendo, one for NES, one for Gameboy, two for Playstation, and three for Nintendo 64. All the games are completely ridiculous. The games are all set in feudal Japan and are heavily coated with Japanese culture. This might explain why only one of the four Super Nintendo games was translated and released in the US. The games take silliness to the next level. Featured in the games are men who dress like bunnies, giant robots on roller skates, little ninja robots that attack you with pushpins, giant frogs that breathe fire, and other extremely bizarre things. The gameplay is a mixture of 3/4 view action RPG style and platform style games. Konami ties the whole thing beautifully. Every game in the series is a masterpiece and guaranteed to entertain.