Highly amusing, yet sadly a largely unknown Beck song. This song goes to prove that Beck takes his nonsense very seriously. Not only do the lyrics make no sense (besides the basic idea that MTV makes him want to smoke crack), but the singing style is totally out of place. However he sounds like he takes the whole song very seriously. What starts off as your average monotone, drugged out (Nirvana-ish) alternative song is soon abandoned in lieu of more of a piano based, swanky, cocktail lounge kind of song. Typing it out doesn't really do it justice. It's more of an audio thing. But it goes a little something like this:

MTV makes me wanna smoke crack
Fall out of the window and I'm never coming back
MTV makes me wanna get high
Can't get a ride no matter how I try
And everything's perfect, and everything's bright
And everyone's perky and everyone's uptight
I love those videos I watch them all day....

(At this point he stops singing. The producer says "Beck, what's the problem?", to which he replies "Uh, I dunno, just stop the tape". Afterwards the song resumes as a swanky piano melody)

MTV, whoa, makes me wanna smoke crack
Fly out that window, and I'm never coming back
MTV, makes me wanna get high as the moon
Like a rubber balloon (Oh get that squeegy!)

Everything's wonderful, everything's grand
Everything's swingin', all across the land (you know it!)
Bust out the biscuts, strike up the band
Play those videos every woman and man!

Cuz MTV, whoa, makes me wanna smoke crack, Hey!
Fly out the window, and I'm never coming back, No!
MTV, makes wanna get high as a kite
Gettin' all uptight. Take it!

Piano Solo
(Oh yeah! Fake it till you make it. Right about now, stepping into a cold ass fashion. Oh yeah, we whack that thing1!)

I work down at the video store, making some change
With a sparkle in my step, and a smile on my face
Condominiums, risin' above
And those videos are better than love!

Yeah! MTV, one
MTV, check
MTV makes me wanna smoke craaaaaaaak! Yeah!

Sadly the only way to get this song is probably MP3. Legend has it there is some rare vinyl with this as the B-Side, but I have yet to find it. If you see this song though, don't pass it up, even if you aren't a Beck fan.

1Note: The lyric is NOT "weed-whack that thang." If you don't believe me, perhaps you will believe the official Beck website http://www.beck.com/diskobox/song.php?id=00176