This is the complete discography of George Harrison, although since 1992 he has made music, such as his last recording, "Horse to Water", which he co-wrote with his son Dhani and recorded on October 1, 2001. Many other recordings exsist, they just aren't released. George was sort of a private guy, obviously. Anyway, here it is, in chronological order:

Wonderwall Music
Electronic Sound
All Things Must Pass
The Concert for Bangla Desh
Living in the Material World
Dark Horse
EXTRA TEXTURE: Read All About It
The Best of George Harrison
33 and 1/3
George Harrison
Somewhere in England
Gone Troppo
Cloud Nine
Best of Dark Horse 1976-1989
Live In Japan

George Harrison was always my favourite because he was like me. Quiet. Allthough that's hard to believe, I am. He wasn't always wanting the attention, and at most times, dreaded it.

He was a wonderful guitarist, and The Beatles didn't showcase half his talent. What would Beatles songs be without the guitar solos? George inspired the next generation's ambitions as guitarists, and will keep on inspiting budding guitarists everywhere. I know that however old I get, whether I grow up or not, I'll always have a special place in my heart for the Beatles, especially George. And I'll always always miss him, but, the only thing anyone can do is listen to his music. You can't let his music die, because as long as we listen to it, he'll still be alive.

But what can you do, right? Eventually, my mother's generation is going to die, and I will too. The only thing you can hope is that my children's generation will recognise the brilliant music that came out of my mother and father's time. It's not like freaking Bach or anything, but it's pretty damn close.

In a million years, it won't matter. Or it might, who knows? After all, The Beatles had the #1 Record of 2001...32 years after they broke up. It's just something about their 7 years of music that make people keep coming back. I don't know what it is, maybe one day I will.

Anyway, I've loved George since I was 10, almost 8 years now. I know, you can't love someone you never met, but it almost seems that, listening to his music, everyone is the same, and everyone's connected. I think that's the whole point.

and more: 4 October, 2002.

It's been almost a year since George died, and a lot has happened since then. The Ox has joined him in rock and roll heaven, Paul's begun a new tour, I've come out of school. Not a lot of people really understand why I still think of George, still care. Yeah, I have moved on with my life, I never knew the man...but I did. I probably think and talk about this way too much, but, you know, I don't care. Music, I believe, is what connects us to a greater being, and to each other. And so, in relation, the music I love is like right up there next to God. It's in the air I breathe. Why is music called the divine art, while all other arts are not so called? We may certainly see God in all arts and in all sciences, but in music alone we see God free from all forms and thoughts.

I miss him.

November 29, 2002:
It has been a year since George passed away. I still haven't cried yet...and I don't really plan to, but you know, you can't just set those things. Of all things George has taught me, one of the best has been: "beware of sadness." All things must pass, and yes, even Beatles die. We're not immortal, and it happens to all of us, and so there is no use in crying. I never knew him and he never knew me, which makes it even more ridiculous to cry.

But, I feel, he does now. And, in a way, I do too. I believe that when you die, you either go on to another body or you become a part of a bigger entity, living in bliss eternally. Whatever happened to George is unbeknownst to me, but maybe he's a nice little tree in India, providing shade to some monks or something. But whatever happened, no one can deny the impact he had with the Beatles on popular music. And that, Mr. George Harrison, is what I thank you for the most. Your music.