It should also be noted that on the second play of the Album, while the four characters are in the field with the City of Oz in the background the words "far away, across the field" are sung. Dorothy falls down to the music. When they wake up and walk to Oz, they walk to the beat. Dorothy knocks on the door to the beat. The horse and the characters in the city of Oz are all moving to the beat. A music change occurs as they begin to walk down the big hallway. When in the Wizard's room, the fire shoots up to the music. The Lion jumps out of the window to "down, down." The Wicked Witch "dances" to the music in the scene with Dorothy. The chimes heard at the beginning with the mean Witch on the bike are now accentuated by the cheering crowd in the hot-air balloon scene. Dorothy clicks her heels to the beat of the hi-hat.

Also, in "Home, Home Again" The words "and in the end, we're only ordinary men" are sung when the three actors who play the Lion, Scarecrow, and Tin Man are talking to Dorothy. There is another music change just as the credits stop rolling.

Other evident themes include the cover of the album, which has a rainbow prism. The black and white light hits the prism and turns to color. On the original album, the prism on the back side of the album goes from color to black and white, just like the movie.
The eye on the cover of Pulse which has a full performance of DSOTM, has the bike, Dorothy, the Tin Man, the Scarecrow, the Lion and the Witch imbedded in it.