PostgreSQL is easy to pronounce. Here's how to build up to saying PostgreSQL:

The word post is pretty easy. Post. Say it out loud. Post.

SQL is an acronym for Structured Query Language. As an acronym, each letter is said to pronounce it. Ess, Que, Ell. Not sequel. Say S, Q, and L.

Gres is also a simple sound. It is the same gress that is in progress, congress, and ingres. This is amazingly simple. Say gres.

You now have all the basics. There is one little minor detail: The 'gres' part of PostgreSQL has an Ess sound at the end already. So, drop the S out of 'SQL' when you pronounce it. Now, say them all together. Post, gres, Que, Ell. PostgreSQL.

PostgreSQL has many wonderul features, like the ability to define your own custom data types and functions. It's a beautiful piece of software. I've been pushing it for months for use as an inhouse database project. With some luck, eventually our network administrator will give me a database server to setup.