I am not the world's most active editor. I read and (try to) write as much as I sweep the broom. I have never proposed a startling change to the look or feel of the site, nor have I rocked any boats. Since last we spoke, I have:

Greeted at least two dozen new noders, offering approximately 15 links to the FAQ.
Encouraged an increase in content to at least 30 different noders, approximately 10 of them new.
Worked with at least 10 new users on linking.
Deleted somewhere in the ballpark of 5-10 writeups, primarily superceded works by long-fled noders that had dipped into negative numbers.
Helped with a quest or two.
Asked a metric fuckton of questions.
Participated in several CE discussions.
Contacted at least half a dozen people for clarification on writing I didn't understand.

Unfortunately I cannot count for you all of my encouraging comments and upvotes.

No one here has ever accused me of being a great writer. I'm not holding my breath.

I for-damn-sure know that no one here will ever accuse me of being a great editor, either.

The truth is that I don't expect anyone to pat me on the back for what little I do around here. But e2, I think, is here for people like me: people who love reading and writing. People who might never sell a book, but daydream about it on a regular basis. People who don't know it all, but would like to know a little more. E2 is for people who want to make writing a social process.

Let me just ask you a question and you can think about it and maybe tell me. Why are you here? Are you here for the people, or the pride? Is it for the exposure to others' work, or the exposure of your own?

Now ask yourself: are you getting what you want? And if not, what're you going to do about it?