I last posted a node in 2009. My life has changed a lot since then, E2 always having a lasting effect with fellow noders popping up in my facebook stream. It was Oolong's post that alerted me to the passing of dannye.

I never met dannye, he featured heavily through my early noding, correcting and the occasional nuking. Those nukes still sting. I raised my personal bar and there was less nukes from a noder that I feared and admired. I still have the postcard he sent me, it is somewhere in a box that has travelled around the world.

I doubt I will be back on E2 as much as I was in the past but I am compelled to return. I sit here, the familiar layout in front of me, the computer glare reflecting on glasses and the beer can beside me. An American beer raised to the memory of a man who believed strongly enough in his ideals to say what he thought sometime regardless of the consequences or ego. He would have preferred a whiskey, I am not keen on whiskey. So, a cheap American beer, bought in London, drunk by an Australian who is trying not to cry, it is.

I have one regret, that I never contacted Dannye outside of E2. Time renew some old acquaintances, I think. Life is too short to hide from the ghosts of LPM past.

Good bye, dannye.