The Weirdest Dream

I was sitting on the floor at home playing video games when all of a sudden the walls flew away. No explination, no visible cause. Then the floor floated up and I was flying hundreds of feet up. As the floor tilted I slid across it almost falling each time. Finnaly, I fell. As I was falling I noticed the floor doing a U-turn and coming back for me. Right before I hit the ground the floor was there and caught me. As the floor flew in came closer to a mountian and it landed.

At the foot of the mountian there were a bunch of letters with arms and leggs standing around. They all called out to me "Will you lead us up the mountian?" I agreed and started to lead them up the mountian. One by one they fell off until we reached the summit the only one who had managed to stay was 'Z'.

When I got there I was instantly transported to the forest where I was bitten by a squirrel and shrunken to the size of a peanut and eaten by gnomes. However I was still alive wading in the stomach of the gnome. I went on the long journey through the digestive system and when I finnaly started to see the light...

and I woke up.