I went on a walk this evening. I really like walking around LaVista, Nebraska; it's a very interesting little place.

My first encounter of the evening was with a young man who was trying to start his car. He had a Plymouth Horizon; I used to have a horizon, and his name was Bob. So here I was thinking,"I used to have a car like that," and this boy is staring at me. I smiled and giggled, and he kept staring even as I walked by. The look on his face after I smiled was one of shock, and dismay. It was quite amusing.

Then I ran into a huge flock of insects. There were these giant trees that looked like puffy ice cream cones, and they were swarming with these huge bugs. I tried to swat them away without looking like a crazed lunatic. In front of me this guy was taking out the trash, and he wasn't wearing a shirt. No big deal. I looked across the street, another guy not wearing a shirt. At the time it was really hilarious.

Eventually I found my way to this cute little park with brand new cool playground equipment. A huge yellow curly slide loomed in front me. Of course I had to try it out. At the top of the slide I stopped for a few minutes to take in the most beautiful thing, just above the roofline of this neighborhood I could see this little patch of pinkish-orange where the sun was going down. I can't describe it, but it was perfect. I finally got myself on the slide, and on the way down my shoe broke. I sat at the bottom of the slide for like two minutes just thinking, "My shoe broke, I cannot believe my shoe broke." I had to walk home with no shoes on, and there are a lot of sharp pointy rocks in LaVista. However, on the way home I did discover four teeter totters. I so wished I had someone to teeter totter with.

Teeter totters are the best.