Kirin doesn't make just beer! The company also makes (and imports) delicious teas. Their tea products (called Gogo no Kocha meaning "Afternoon Tea"):
These all come in 1.5 Liter (51 oz) bottles, about 4-5 dollars in the states, and 11 oz (I think) cans, which are made of incredibly strong metal that you'd need a sledgehammer to dent.

Annoyingly enough the only places I've found this for sale are:
- Porter Exchange in Porter Square, Boston, MA. One of the many Japanese restaurants has cans of this, $2 for the milk, less for the others (I think), to drink with your meal. Across the way is the Kotobukiya Japanese market. They have 1.5L bottles for $5.
- Online: and both have it (cheaper, $3 bucks or so). Although Jsnacks frequently runs out, as its very popular.

Why Kirin doesn't sell the stuff to the general American public? Who knows? I sure don't.