A little pot of flavoured schnapps that sneakily stacks together with lots of others of the same kind. (Only recommended once the pot is empty of course, lest any accidents of toppling over occur. Also, the pots cannot stack if the top is still on it) It comes in four flavours: apple, grapefruit, vanilla, and cranberry. The apple one is lovely, easy to down and thus get drunk. Vanilla comes second (in my humble opinion), grapefruit trails in third, and cranberry fourth. Supermarkets in the UK sell these in packs of four... for about a quarter of the price of what you can buy them in pubs. The only problem with this is that you have to commit yourself to drinking them in multiples of four!!! (Oh dear.)
One time when phoning up a radio station in South East England, my sister and I, being young and childish at the time, decided to pretend to be aliens. So when my sister spoke to the presenter, and said in a rather high squeaky voice: "Hello, My name is Ziggy from the planet Zuleenjaanedov, and I would like you to play 'Eternal, Angel of Mine'" he understandably thought she was nuts and decided he would try and cut her off. In desperation, she squeaked out "You could speak to my sidekick if you wish." To which he replied: "You're psychic?"
"No, my *sidekick*!"
And thus followed a mini argument about psychic sidekicks. But I guess you had to have been there.