I love the way things look when they’re caught in the brights of your headlights. It’s like a never-ending photograph. I wished more things looked like that. Frozen, just glancing back at you forever in the cool twilight of the evening. I think bright headlights go well with the vivid colors of dusk. It's as if someone decided to spike the worlds water supply to have everyone experience the surrealness of change between waking and rest, sunlight and starry eyed darkness. When I drive through conditions like this it’s usually with all of the windows down. I listen to the rustle of the grass swooshing past my car. I think more people should do this.

Today I sat down on the pavement in front of a local coffee shop and watched a derelict interact with a young man 4-6 years old. I call him a man because no one else there including myself had the nerve to ask why anyone should be afraid of the spies. God bless that man. As a well-dressed man took the shaking raving man in for some coffee and I decided to steal his bench. A young couple thwarted my efforts but we sat ass to ass ear to ear on a tiny bench drinking hot tea and reading “The Stranger”. We didn’t speak at all. Not one word. I always thought being that close to people automatically initiated conversation. I guess not. The women on the bench smelled like heaven. I thought about what the rest of her smelled like and wondered how open and monogamous her relationship was. If I see her again I’m not even going to say hello, I’m just going to inhale her.

Got ordained officially today. I’ve absolved the sins of nine random people today. Performed the burial rites for the dead cat that’s been sitting on the side of my street for four days. It’s hard to perform burial rites for creatures you don’t know. I wonder if the cat was ever loved or if it had a mean streak. Did it have family it was leaving behind? What had it accomplished in life? Then I threw dirt on the body and sang some Michael Jackson “Hold Me, like the river Jorden...".

Over a smart cocktail later on tonight a friend asked me what my kinks were. I’d never thought about it until she asked. I’m not really sure. I should probably get one because from what I hear they’re really in vogue now. Maybe something exotic like macro-insertion or electro-stimulation. But then again I get tingly when things smell right or when the light in the sky seems to spell out my name. I’m probably in love with the heavens.