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Create, learn, play, fuck, work, destroy, explore GET UP, GET OUT and LIVE
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August 19, 2004
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Wither writhe want whatever winter writes. Pencil paper pump and pile. Snow snake shake stall. Fall fell flowers fragrance. Burned bunnies bleached baked. Keyboard klacking kicked kilobytes. Green grow germinate gelding. Wither writhe whatever winter wants.

Work. Work it. Work out. Work up. Take it. Be it. Grab it. Do it. Support trees. Endorse that. Save them. Abolish those. Vote guns. Veto rocks. Proud parent of glistening new robots. Stomp it out. Rock out. Rock around. Throw into. Dive under. Honk for this. Eat here. Love hate. End ideas now. Because I wholeheartedly Support our country's great slogans. Hail to automonkeysexdialers.

what's stopping you? I can do anything I want....and so can you. Did you hear me? I SAID: I CAN DO ANYTHING I WANT! can yooouu. Time to suffer. Take each le++er to the stomach. Smile. Sharpen the teeth. Pearl em up. Stand up and take it again. Nothing else left but to draw energy into a precise focus of living will and pick off the means. Forget the ends. Determine, forget and lick the sweet juices of accomplishment off your lips. what's stopping you? Let me tell you a little secret......

....I can do anyhting I want.. and so can you.

Put my things into my bag. Straighten my tie and my tattoos, shine my shoes. Crack my knuckles, sing the blues. Open up eyelids high. Breath in, hold it then sigh. The fires waning in the darkened night. Need gasoline matches and propane light. One more round and soon be through. Everything yieldings and doubt, but my friends? oh no, not you. The road less traveled frosted clear. Crunching foosteps you'll soon hear. If all my life was lived in slumber. Cold shiver through concrete lumbers. Awakened, dreamed, now unencumbered.