Quite a while since my last daylog. Just thought I'd fill you all in.

I have moved house, twice. I WAS living in my brothers flat in Maroubra, Sydney, Australia from January 2000, a lovely "quaint" place near the beach. In 2002 I then moved to Alexandria, inner city light industrial, with a workmate, Daryl. Long story short, he had wild parties, I objected at one, his friends threatened me, I moved out, then HE threatened me when I demanded my rental bond back. Bummer. It was 10 minutes walk from work.

So in December 2002 I moved (hurredly) to Surry Hills - right in the heart of one of Sydney's bar and club districts. My flatmate was my best friend from high school. It was awesome - close to everything, cool party location if you wanted to throw one - next to a permanently closed bar on one side, a crazy Thai share house with like 9 people in it on the other, and temporary accomodation across the street.

Saw my fair share of crazy stuff - police chases, drunks, hookers, mad random girls in fairy wings ending up in the flat (and one in my flatmates bed), gay guys being beaten up by some sick fuckers, helping him and his partner out while waiting for the ambulance, the works. I've moved out now, to Croydon, best described as fringes of inner/outer west. My old flatmate needs location location location, but I enjoy my comforts and am happy to drive everywhere, whereas he won't even spring for bus fare.

On other news, at the end of 2002, my (now ex-)girlfriend announced that she couldn't continue in a relationship with me, and we parted amicably. I went through a dark time, but pulled myself together remarkably quickly. Damn my rational nature. I am saying little because it is over, plain and simple. I am, ironically, also extremely happy now, seeing that my life was idling.

I still work at the most amazing place, the Australian Technology Park. It's approaching the thick end of four years now, an amazing length of time in IT, and it keeps getting better. I do want more money, but I think my role also needs to be re-defined for that to be justified and actually happen. Realism.

I have experimented, from an e2 perspective, on noding for numbers twice, with one moderate success and one failure. I also have had the powers that be edit one of my writeups with little/no consultation, a point I am still a little sore over, but I will get on with life. Sadly, and most obviously, I have been neglecting my noding duties.

In November 2002 my parents shocked my brother and I by announcing: a) they are selling their house in Bondi; b) they are retiring; c) they are moving to Noosa, in Queensland; d) they are doing it by the end of 2002. I am joyous to say that they DID do all that, and are so happy that it brings a smile to my face when I think of them. They have a lovely house close to the golden beach and in an amazing neighbourhood. All the best to them.

So that's it. Sorry for the rambling nature, but rather than one daylog per day, it's just a major status update every so often.