The siege unit available to the Undead in the hit 2002 game Warcraft III

Physical Description: A large, gruesome machine with a massive pulverising spiked roller, viscious scything blades and wheel blades jutting from the side. The roller is slick red with dried blood, and the whole contraption seems built around it's most horrific feature - a catapult designed to throw corpse parts at the enemy.

Requirements: Built at: Slaughterhouse, requires: Halls of the Dead, allows: none

Spells and Abilities: The Meat wagon gains unholy strength upgrades at the Graveyard, but not armour upgrades, making it a strange beast. Once your Necropolis is upgraded twice to the Black Citadel, Meat wagons can also get the disease cloud ability, where every attack causes nearby enemies to lose 1HP per second for 2 minutes. This is centered around where the ATTACK lands, not the wagon itself, allowing you to infect a whole town with one or two shots. Most disturbing of all features of the Meat wagon, though, is it's ability to (autocast if desired) store corpses. They wagon trundles to the corpse and stores up to 8 of them for raising in to Skeletons by Necromancers, or reanimation in to their old selves by the Death Knight or finally for cannibalizing by the ghoul.

Gameplay: Meat wagons are slow, cumbersome, easy to kill, difficult to repair and yet some of the best features of a Scourge army. When they collect a few corpses, even if they die, the corpses are left on the ground where the wagon previously was. They do HUGE damage to buildings, and can be used in sneaky ways. One favourite is to get two or three wagons loaded up with corpses (Graveyard for 5 ghoul corpses, a bit of creeping for a variety of useful corpses (and some not-so-useful skeleton fodder) and then ASSAULT with the wagons - at the FRONT of your army. Once at an enemy base, they will damage some buildings, maybe even kill a farm, and then instantaneously get totally wasted. However, once dead, your Death Knight hiding out the back Raises Dead, and then you turn on autocast for your Necromancers - 3 wagons, 1 hero, 3 necros suddenly turn in to an Ogre Lord, an ogre or two, 3 ghouls and 6 skeletons every 2 seconds - PLUS your hero and necros. Meaties make great additions to any assault force, and with good micromanagement, make useful game winners.

Warcraft III Undead Guide

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Information gleaned from:
  • My own lovingly played copy of Warcraft III
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