Dehydrated? The desire for liquid coolants is natural sign that your body requires water, as it uses this for the large percent of its ongoing functioning parts. Some people actually believe that carbonated sodas such as coca-cola, Dr. Pepper, or rootbeer will quench your thirst, but the sodium content in these beverages will only serve to frustrate the palette and body alike.

Try drinking home-made ice-tea, gatorade, lime-aid, lemon-aid, I do not suggest kool-aid as it is mainly a simple sugar drink(never drink powdered peach drink, the nasty memories of preschool nap time), V8 is also a deeper, yet healthier drink.

It is said that the body requires at least 8 glasses of water a day, so if you are getting headaches or depressed, try this rememdy, though you may find the need to rush off more often, so time the drinking sessions appropriately.

Some people may think this is a good idea, but urine therapy does not work well for most functioning human bodies and certainly will not cure thirst.