I'm a walking contradiction, and I ain't got no rights.

What an appropriate phrase for the past couple days... Sleep 4 hours, live 30 hours, sleep 18 hours, live 24 hours. My cycle's beyond broken, and I just don't have the will to fix it. Who knows what's next, doesn't really matter anyway - not like I have a job anymore.

I gave my employer a failsafe resignation. They were unhappy that I was unreliable, I was unhappy that I couldn't fulfil their needs and that I was giving them a bad name. I promised to become reliable or let my unreliability tender my resignation. Looks like it's time to start hunting for a job - car's been fixed and running for a few weeks now, no reason or even excuse for not calling or showing up in the past three or four weeks. For all intents and purposes, I don't work for them anymore... Anyone need a hax0r? Will code for food. Oh well, time to brush up on those customer service and retail skills anyway. Maybe if I could bring myself to care...

In other news, my personal life is still rather blah. Well, maybe not so entirely blah, but not something that I really enjoy much of. I've been hanging out with yet another old acquantance from my high school days. Just as I get closer to her, we drift apart and she heads for this other guy. Then her sister moves in on me and I jump on the opportunity to spend some quality time with her... Well, isn't this just getting better? The younger sister apparently has quite an attraction to me, and i'm not sure what to do. I'm stuck in the classic "fear of rejection" syndrome that I've been involved in before, and it's getting a little old. Who knows, maybe it'll pan out for the better. Too bad it's so hard for me to give a damn.

Finally purchased a still camera. Ashai/Pentax K1000 - oldskool SLR rig, cost me about US$ 260 after lens filter and the first roll of T400 black and white film. After taking 36 pics and getting them developed, I'm definately encouraged by my new photography hobby, much more so than my now-defunct videography kick. This has alot of my interest at the moment, so I can't see it fading until I run out of cash or credit. ;p

Ahh, that too... The credit card is filling up again, and it doesn't help that they've raised my limit. Late fee after late fee all adds up, yaknow. $29 for this, $29 for that... i've paid them over $400 in fees alone simply because I don't care enough to get payments in on time. Gotta get a job and work on this debt. Oh, and stop spending too. Too bad they raised my credit limit. Hard to care about a credit card when you've got over $1,000 of headroom to play with.

Got my tongue pierced. Not much to say here... Did it about three weeks ago this comming monday (19 days ago I think). Oh, and i'm twenty. Yeah... Birthday... Another uneventful one no less. Oh well, the family still cares so that's cool - sure beats last year's. Bah, 2000 sucked anyway.

Thta's about it. Been a long while since I've daylogged, and I figure alot's missing. It's way past my sleepy time and it's really a shame I don't have the time to construct some sort of well written diatribe on how much my life sucks.

Okay, maybe not. ;p