This chant/slogan is for many people a monument to the abominable behavior of some English football fans over the years.

For whatever reason, England's travelling football support has been infiltrated by racist, fascist and loyalist groups, creating an intimidating atmosphere for minority supporters. These groups and their chants can also be found at various clubs throughout Britain, targeting people of African, Arab, Irish, Jewish, Pakistani and Turkish descent, as well as pretty much anyone else they can think of. Unfortunately the chants are often merely a prelude to genuine physical danger. Racists connected with violent football gangs were thought to have been involved in the race riots in Oldham as well as countless individual acts of racist and sectarian violence.

Of course this does not apply to all English fans by any means. I suspect that the majority want no part of the British National Party and National Front nonsense. At a recent game some fans even had a banner which read 'No Surrender to the BNP'. Hopefully the decent fans will one day soon be able to show the racist thugs the red card once and for all.