The Confederate States of America only lasted for four years, but out of it came three flags used at one point or another to represent the nation.

  • The Stars and Bars was the first national flag, and strongly resembled the United States flag. It was quickly realized that this resemblance could cause problems on the battlefield, so most units carried...
  • The Southern Cross, now commonly known as the Confederate Battle Flag (although there were hundreds of Confederate "battle flags" per se). This is the flag most commonly associated with the Confederacy in modern times. Unfortunately, hate groups have co-opted this flag for their purposes as well, making it difficult to publicly honor this flag.
  • The Stainless Banner was adopted in early 1863, replacing the Stars and Bars as the official national flag. This was the flag that flew over Richmond during Grant's siege that eventually brought the CSA down. For some reason, this flag has never seen wide favor as a Confederate emblem in modern times.

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