Aside from being a woodcutting tool and a slang term for a choice musical instrument, Axe is also an elite line of alluring deodorant body spray for men sold in the US (reportedly a ripoff of British-based Lynx).

Axe is popular for its ability to allegedly get you the ladies (results are still dismal for some of us) and also for the commercials that demonstrate "The Axe Effect." Some of these commercials feature the typical beautiful woman being enflamed with passion for a mannequin simply because it is wearing Axe and others feature various beautiful women ironically fulfilling male fantasies (three-way with a friend, shrugging off a forgotten birthday, etc.).

Axe is currently available in the following "seductive" fragrances:

  • Apollo
  • Essence *NEW*
  • Kilo
  • Orion
  • Phoenix
  • Tsunami
  • Voodoo