Statement made in an official press release from Hizbullah and repeated as a part of their manifesto.

In Hizbullah's case, it's self-evidently misleading if not actual bullshit. Islam may reject violence, and even though that's a big statement, it's fully justified by the Koran, but Hizbollah most definitely don't. They've made car bombs a trademark over the last few years and, for example, the one in the great Covered Market in Jerusalem was not exactly aimed at driving Israel out of Lebanon or indeed, at what they call "legitimate, military targets".

This is one of many attacks on civilians which, along with the famous exploding busses tends to cast a shadow over any official rejection of violence.

Please note - this node concerns Islam as practised by Hizbullah. It's a bit of a similar comparison to Christianity as practised by Aryan Nations. No insult or slander or those who do not use their faith to justify atrocities is intended.