Stampede breakfasts are phenomena local to Calgary during mid-July - the two weeks of the Calgary Stampede. They are essentially free breakfasts provided by a company to its customers or the public in general.

The standard foods at all Stampede breakfasts are pancakes and sausages. In rare cases, scrambled eggs and bacon are used as substitutes, but these breakfasts are decidedly nontraditional. Stampede breakfasts fall into two clases:

Public breakfasts are open to everybody. Large corporations such as Air Canada and Delta Hotels host these. You get in a queue for food, and moving down the line are handed a paper plate, fork and knife, orange juice, pancakes and sausage. You then put "syrop" on your pancakes and go somewhere to eat them. Often there is vile country music being played by some guy with a guitar and a Casio keyboard suggestive of Wesley Willis.

Corporate breakfasts are for employees only. The food is variable: sometimes it's the same as at public breakfasts, other times much better. Managers sometimes use this as an excercise in team building, and there are speeches from company big-wigs. There is vile country music present.

Private breakfasts are the best ones. Usually you can crash them pretty easily by just standing in the food queue. Even if they find you out, they rarely bother to get rid of you. In particular, if you are in I.T. and show up at one put on by an I.T. contracting firm, they will probably give you the food and try to hire you at the same time! The food there usually rocks. The pancakes are moist and fluffy, the sausages of high quality meat, and free lattés, champagne orange juice, even Tequila shots at eight in the morning! Despite this, the country music is still present, and still vile.

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