A cool little cartridge game for the Atari 800 computer. It was programmed in 1983 by Chuck Benton and sold by none other than Sierra On-Line.

It's a simple little side-scroller. You control B.C. the caveman (of the syndicated comic strip B.C.) who rides a unicycle-like wheel and axle. What can you do? Well, you can jump rocks and pits, and you can duck overhead tree branches. It's a good idea to do this, because if you neglect to jump a pit or hit a branch, you will fall over with a sad look on your face as your wheel bounces off ahead of you. The result is that you lose a life and have to try that portion of the level again.

Even though it's a quest for tires, the ultimate goal seems to involve saving someone. At least judging by the word balloon saying "Help! Help!" that appears in the top right corner on occasion. I don't think I ever completed the game, and if I did I don't remember who you rescue at the end. However, I assume that it's that blonde girl.

The Fat Broad makes an appearance at numerous ponds you must pass over. There are turtles to jump on to get across, and on the opposite bank, the Fat Broad shouts "Jump sucker!" and tries to club you.

Other interesting sections of gameplay involve hills with rocks rolling down, and a pit you must jump by grabbing on to a bird flying above you. There is also a large pit of water that somehow has to be jumped, though I can't remember how. Gameplay bears a striking resemblance to Moon Patrol.