There is more than one E2

Sometimes, when my dad isn't in, or my mum takes my little brother to Jesus's Kindergarten, I am left alone at home. That's the time when I go online and have a look at E2. Sometimes I log in, sometimes I don't. It depends how much time I have.

My first look is always at the 'fellow noders' column. Depending who is there I hang around for a minute or two, sometimes even trying to get a word in. Soon my mum's four wheel drive will come up the driveway again, and I switch the computer off, deleting my footprints.

The problem is, there are always so many people from Europe in the catbox. I don't know why, because when it is 2 pm here in Missouri, it must be in the middle of the night for them. I don't undestand why they don't go to sleep. Isn't one of the good things about the different timezones that when the stupid Communists in Europe sleep, we can decide what we Americans find the best for the world.

So when I log on, and I see those people from there, I quickly log off, because I know that if my Dad would find me talking to Europeans, I would get beaten even worse.

So, my favourite E2 is when there are only Americans around.

This can't be deleted, can it? Isn't it Pirate Quest, or something, where nothing gets deleted?

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