The Cockpit is a club and live music venue in Leeds, England. It is joined to The Rocket Bar and it's sometimes difficult to tell which door to go through for which club night. The club nights are mainly of the indie/rock/punk/alternative variety (just like the bands that play), and there's also a gay night.

There are three rooms to the Cockpit/Rocket, each of them has its own bar.

The beer prices are definitely in the high end for Leeds, so it's a drink before you get there kind of place if getting drunk is your thing.

In case you're interested, some bands I've seen perform at The Cockpit are: The Bloodhound Gang, Less Than Jake, White Stripes, Soulwax, The Wannadies, Goldfinger, The Ataris, Skirtbox, Snuff, King Prawn, and more. The website ( will tell you more about up and coming gigs.