Set (or Seth) was the Egyptian god of evil, patron of mayhem, war and natural disasters. He loved the sound of tearing flesh; the wolf and the hyena were his creatures. Though brother to Orisis, most divine and beautiful of the gods, Set himself displayed an alien ugliness. His skin was an unhealthy white, in stark contrast to the warm honey and ebony tones of his brethren, and his hair was a startling red, the color of evil.

Jealous of his brothers rule (with his sorceress queen,and sister as was the custom of the pharaoh's, Isis at his side) Set tricked Orisis into a deadly trap, by way of an ornate coffin. In time Isis restored her husband to life, and their son Horus was raised in preparation to challenge his uncle.

Through ceaseless and uncertain battles, the forces of Set and Horus waged war for the right of soverignty over Egypt. The throne was eventually handed to Horus by way of a trial, judged by Thoth-lord of the moon, said to have lasted eighty years.

Here differences arise, Some tales claim that Set was banished to the desert, while others that he was forever forced into the role of the servant - guarding the shining ship of Ra.