The best drinking game you've never played. First, get a bunch of people together who want to drink. Everyone picks a name ending in "-shit"--for example: Dogshit, Horseshit, Shi-tzu-shit, Newtshit, Clintonshit, Pikachushit, Drew Carey Shit. One person (whom we shall call "It") starts by saying, "Someone shit in the parlor." Everyone else asks, "Who shit?" Then "It" accuses one of the players. The accused player protests his or her innocence by saying, "Bullshit!" Eager to discover the truth, "It" asks "Who shit?" The accused player makes an accusation against another player, who protests their innocence, etc. If anyone fucks up, they have to drink and start the next game.

So a game can go something like this:

Itshit: Someone shit in the parlor!
All: Who shit?
Itshit: Batshit!
Batshit: Bullshit!
Itshit: Who shit?
Batshit: Bugshit!
Bugshit: Bullshit!
Batshit: Who shit?
Bugshit: Sheepshit!
Sheepshit: Bullshit!
Bugshit: Who shit?
Sheepshit: Apeshit!
Apeshit: Bullshit!
Sheepshit: Who shit?
Apeshit: Drunkshit!
Drunkshit: Uh, bullshit!
Apeshit: Who shit?
Drunkshit: Uh...Uhh...

A few points of strategy: (1) The faster you go, the more confused your hapless opponents will become. (2) Pick a name that sounds like "shit", rhymes with "shit", starts with an "sh" or "ch" sound, etc., because your shitfaced comrades won't be able to pronounce it. (3) Try staring at one person while you say another person's name--one or the other is likely to think you're talking to someone else and totally fuck up big time.

Happy binge drinking, all!