What I do to pay for my education habit. Ironic, huh? It's amazing how lazy people are, and how much bullshit I can write in a week. Often, people in this genre of employment are former English or science (or philosophy) majors with a lot of spare time. They are usually willing to whore their intellects for a paltry $20-30 an hour, all from the relative comfort of their homes. Nice work if you can get it...

There appears to be quite a prosperous trade in this sort of thing; it is distinctly disturbing to academic folks and many other people who respect honesty.

To sell term papers on the Internet may be considered a violation of academic ethics by your university, dean, professor, or local pedant. It directly encourages your customers to commit an severe ethics violation and possibly a crime as well: claiming your work as their own.

It might be considered hyperbole to compare your business to that of the crack dealer who recommends good fences and pimps to his impoverished clients, but your attitude seems the same -- fuck the consequences if it gets me a few bucks.

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