English pirate (unknown birthdate to April 28, 1721). She was born illegitimately sometime in the 1680s. Her mother was raising a baby boy whose mother had died, and when the baby boy also perished, Mary's mother disguised her daughter as the boy.

Mary fought in Flanders disguised as a man, then drifted to the Caribbean when the War of Spanish Succession was over. She joined a pirate crew and revealed her sex to a man she had fallen in love with. They lived faithfully in a common law marriage.

They shipped with a pirate captain called Calico Jack Rackham, whose lover, Anne Bonny, was also aboard the ship disguised as a man. Mary and Anne became good friends and were the only two crew members who refused to surrender when their ship was captured by pirate hunter Woodes Rogers in 1720. They were knocked unconscious and taken to trial, where it was revealed that they were both women and both pregnant.

Since English law stated that a pregnant woman could not be hanged, they were both sentenced to long prison terms. Mary died in childbirth in 1721, but Anne survived and was ransomed by her father.

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