One of the iron men of science fiction cinema--a villain? The man who saved us all from a covert invasion of vegetable doppelgangers from outer space--a villain? HELL NO!

Let's get a few details outta the way first...

Kevin McCarthy: American actor, born in 1914 in Seattle, Washington. He was the younger brother of writer Mary McCarthy and the cousin of senator Eugene McCarthy. He made his acting debut on Broadway in 1938 in "Abe Lincoln in Illinois". After serving in the Air Force during World War II, he was part of the touring company of "Winged Victory", then made his film debut reprising his role in that play in 1944.

In 1951, McCarthy played Biff Loman in a film version of "Death of a Salesman" and was nominated for a Best Supporting Actor Oscar. He had the starring role in the 1956 sci-fi classic "Invasion of the Body Snatchers", which lead to a lot more work, including roles in "The Misfits", "The Best Man", "A Big Hand for the Little Lady", "The Three Sisters", "Hotel", "Kansas City Bomber", the 1978 remake of "Invasion of the Body Snatchers", "The Howling", "Twilight Zone: The Movie", "The Colbys", "Innerspace", "UHF", "The Distinguished Gentleman", "Matinee", "Greedy", and a host of others.

Yeah, he's done most of his work in either B-movies or in small parts or as villains. But I sure don't wanna hit the guy because of it. I forgive a lot for guys who save us from the pod people...

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