October 26, 2000
Everything Editor Logs
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How, by all the screaming demons of hell feasting upon the souls of children, does sensei manage to write new stuff about nodegel all the freakin' time? What can you say about it? It's sticky. It's gooey. There's nodes and users and dead flies stuck in it. (Mmmm, flies) How long's he been sick? When's he gettin' back? 'Cause I'm getting a mite tired of trying to find new things to say about the nodegel. SENSEI! Quitcher pneumonia and getcher arse back here afore I gots to whup yer butt.

Jeez. Slackers.

Killed: slappyjack's writeup in Campaign Contributions for Pat Buchanan. Total Content: "this is what should be called noding at its best". No, that's what should have been called a private /msg to the user.

Deleted Users: Legion.

Killed: slappyjack's writeup in doing something new! Primary Content: "FILL IN A NODESHELL!" Next time? Don't.

Killed: slappyjack's writeup in lemonbugg. Some valentine to a girl he knows. Deleted the nodeshell.