A kingdom (Animalia) of living things which includes single- and multi-celled organisms. Animals differ from plants in several ways. They have cells without cellulose walls. They lack chlorophyll and the capacity for photosynthesis. They require more complex food materials like proteins. They are often more complex organisms. They have the capacity for spontaneous movement and can respond rapidly to stimulation. Protozoa and sponges are classified as animals, as are higher life forms, like humans, apes, dolphins, and chipmunks, and everything in-between.

In general, people seem to like animals. We like to keep them as pets, we like to see them in zoos, we like to crane our necks around in the car and take pictures when we see them in the wild. Many of us even like to emulate them. For the most part, we like to see them do well and thrive. The feeling is, of course, not universal. Some people like to kick them, mutilate them, abuse them. Some people pick a particular species they don't like and try to wipe them out.

What's this say about the human species? Not much. There are good and bad examples of every animal.