In this game from the Microsoft Puzzle Collection, your aim is to breed pure animals. Each animal has six body parts (head, torso, two arms, wings or front legs, and two rear legs), which can come from any of six different pure animals. It takes three animals to breed, and each body part of the offspring will be what that body part is in the majority of the parents. For example, if two parents have the head of a pig and one has the head of a monkey, the offspring will have the head of a pig. If all three parents have different heads, the offspring's head will take after one parent chosen at random. Animals will disappear after they have been bred three times, and pure animals can be rescued or kept as breeding stock.

The game starts off easy, with the animals having five body parts the same and only one different. At this stage the strategy is to find sets of three animals that are mostly the same type of pure animal, with a different part wrong in each animal, and breed them together. Later on the animals get more mixed, and then keeping pure animals as breeding stock becomes really useful - but breeding that first pure animal of each type can be hard.

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