WILD, short for Wake Induced Lucid Dream, is one of the main techniques used to induce lucid dreaming. It is based on taking advantage of the state between the waking state and the dream state, so that a dream can begin without lucidity being lost between the two states.

WILD works best when combined with some variation of NILD, or Nap-Induced Lucid Dream, meaning that you would sleep for approximately six hours, but before REM Sleep would have a chance to really kick in, you would wake up (probably by Alarm Clock), walk around a bit, have a glass of water, perform reality checks, and maybe remember and reinforce your intention to lucid dream.

After about fifteen minutes to a half an hour of this, you head back to bed and relax, but don't fall asleep right away, just relax at first. You want to be completely relaxed, and it's best to do it in stages from your legs up, breathing deeply.

After a time (remember not to fall asleep), you will begin to see some vague imagery which will appear before your mind's eye. Observe them as passively and delicately as possible, from start to finish. Eventually they will grow longer and more complex, and will at some point become extended sequences.

It will get to the point where the sequences become so long, detailed and complex, it will be able to qualify as a dream. What you need to do now is passively allow yourself to be drawn into the dream - This is the hardest part. Continue to take the stance of a detached observer. Do not attempt to actively step into the dream. Do not want to be drawn into the dream, because this can cause the imagery to vanish.

So, in summary:

  1. Completely Relax, slowly and in segments
  2. Observe the hypnagogic imagery, remembering to remain as passive as possible
  3. Enter the dream - passively.

Again, the hardest part is step three, because it is easy to lose self-control, and requires a lot of carefulness. Once you do wind up in the dream, the realism of it all may cause you to lose lucidity. The best way to prevent this is to carry with you a resolve to carry out a particular action once you enter the dream.

Good luck, and dream on!

Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming, Dr. Stephen LaBerge