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Slowly coming out of retirement. Noding some homework is a great way to speed things along.

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<Imprecation> There's a fine satire in that, EXT, but not for the US. The masses no longer appreciate satire. They just get offended.

At 7:54pm EST, October 14, 2002, I made Level 2. My first upvote went to lawnjart's w/u in The Extent of my Psychic Powers. My first downvote went to the first w/u in Ten reasons why creation scientists don't believe in evolution.

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Must.... nude......
ERR, node! NODE!!!!
  • AP Literature
  • The Pennsylvania Governor's School of Information Technology
  • Tibia
  • Windows 3.x
  • Windows for Workgroups
  • The Battle of Los Angeles
  • Evil Empire
  • Carl Thompson
  • Double Tapping
  • The Internet is the McDonalds of Information
  • An Analysis of Themes in The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

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pimephalis says Your primus w/u was one of the best things I've read here in nearly a month. Thank you.

Ferenczy says Yep, I like this Primus node... well done. :-)

crucifixiate says Dude! Your w/u's kick ass... /me spends his votes.

crucifixiate says re Primus: Excellent Primus writeup... if I could C! it, I would.

Footprints says re Primus: There's nothing quite like reading this writeup and sipping on them cans of swine

Palpz says re The Seven Lesson Schoolteacher: wtf? thisis genius! I hate it!Love it! Whatever!

Palpz says damned good Primus writeup as well:) hey, keep up the good work dude

ConfusionTheWaitress says There's something very wonderful about having (blank stare) as a musical genre... :)

JayBees says Very excellent writeup at Primus. Huzzah and kudos to you.

vruba says Mah spoon ... is too BIG!

The E2 Offline Scratchpad is better than two chicks at the same time. Seriously.

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