Nothing quite rubs me the wrong way like people that say "I could care less." It is one of my biggest pet peeves. Don't these people realize that they're not using the phrase correctly?

The proper way to say it, of course, it "I could not care less." This means "I care so little about you and your jive that it is physically and mentally impossible for me to care any less." That is the message you are trying to convey.

However, an intolerable number of people insist on saying "I could care less." What, exactly, does this mean? Doesn't that mean you DO care? That isn't what you're trying to say -- trust me. This error has been allowed to persist for so long that people think it's correct! Even worse, though, are the people that try to make an excuse when you call them on their mistake. They'll say "What I meant was 'I could care less, but I won't.'" Uh, yeah. Whatever. Is that supposed to be deep?

Where is the outrage? If you heard someone say "smooth as a baby's foot" or "You can take this job and shovel it"* wouldn't you correct them? You are doing them a disservice by allowing them to continue to use butchered and erroneous sayings. In the same way, if you hear someone say "I could care less" -- call them on it. Correct them. Consider it your good deed for the day. You will surely be blessed.

* Quote from the movie Demolition Man