8-Track vs. Vinyl isn't even an argument. It's just a simple fact that 8-tracks sound better. No question. Vinyl just isn't ready yet. People might think that vinyl sounds better, but what they can't take into account is that since 8-tracks use magnetism to store sound, when you play music on 8-track the magnetism on the tape resonates with the earth's magnetic field. It doesn't affect anything in the audible range, but the effects of the earth's magnetic field make a subtle difference in the inaudible range, giving the bass a lifelike warmth from the harmonics that only Mother Earth can provide. You just can't get that with vinyl. You can listen to a song on vinyl, and you think it sounds good until you listen to the same song on 8-track, and then you just get sad.

I know it's true, because just the other day, I was at this audio expo, and my friend had a $20,000 dollar 8-track player hooked up to this big thing that looked like it came out of Dark City. He played some music on it, and it sounded so good, I crapped my pants right then and there. Everyone thought it was really disgusting, but it really sounds that good. And maybe I'm a luddite, but there's just something that feels good about each tape being the size of a small novel. All you little techie freaks might think that's 'inconvenient', but you just don't have any soul.

Maybe in the future, vinyl will develop enough to be able to compete with 8-tracks, but right now vinyl just can't capture the true, natural sound of music. It's true, 8-tracks just sound better.

Unless you're deaf.

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