When beginning a new campaign for whatever role-playing system that the GM has brought to the table, some people have consecrated a ritual that involves going to the local gaming store to purchase a new set of dice for the game- a cleansing ritual, if you will. In games that use a single shape of die such as Vampire the Masquerade or Shadowrun, the purchase consists of a plastic fistful of the appropriate shape (usually with a single underlying color theme); in games that use multiple shapes, they can purchase a small plastic box that contains the three magic d6's and the d4, d8, d10, d12, and d20.

Repeated practice of this habit leads to the accumulation of a dice bag of ever-increasing size. As any semi-serious gamer will tell you, though, having a dice bag the size of a grapefruit is almost universally respected due to its ability to bonk people who've had a bit too much Mountain Dew.