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1 die (thing) omatunto writeup
2 die (idea) m_turner writeup
3 polyhedral dice   e2node
4 the dx Convention (thing) ariels writeup
5 D2 (thing) McSnarf writeup
6 d3 (thing) Ayanthrax writeup
7 d4   e2node
8 d6 (thing) neoliminal writeup
9 d6 (idea) some_guy writeup
10 2D6 (idea) Kesper North writeup
11 D8 (idea) Jeeves writeup
12 d10   e2node
13 d20   e2node
14 d24 (thing) Ayanthrax writeup
15 d30 (thing) Tai writeup
16 D64 (idea) Frater 219 writeup
17 d66 (thing) tom f writeup
18 percentile dice (thing) Tem42 writeup
19 hectohedron (thing) jesler writeup
20 Zocchihedron (thing) FatAlbertTheta writeup
21 d100   e2node
22 d1000 (thing) tom f writeup
23 shooter (person) johnnyx writeup
24 Open-ended dice system (thing) Starrynight writeup
25 hit dice (thing) Kalon writeup
26 hit die (idea) KMQ writeup
27 Games Workshop's Funny Dice (thing) lj writeup
28 pop-O-matic dice (thing) Arithon writeup
29 Scatter Dice (thing) lj writeup
30 Renumbering dice for fun and profit (idea) apothanousa writeup
31 Loaded Dice (thing) zweitracht writeup
32 doubling cube (thing) Spuunbenda writeup
33 Doublesix dice (thing) Tem42 writeup
34 d1 (thing) Tem42 writeup
35 Sicherman dice (thing) Tem42 writeup
36 Fudge dice (thing) Dustyblue writeup
37 art dice (thing) Estelore writeup