Maybe it has more to do with the status implied by verbal attributes for women... After all a man who is an archetype in himself must have strength and influence, and the personality that underlies this will reveal itself primarily through words and actions.Notions vary, but is known that only a [small percentage of communication is verbal (say around 7%). This astonishinglu tiny number is explained by the visual cues that people give off like posture, gesture, movement, facial expression, genetics, dress, property, etc. Even before he spoke you would know that Snoop Doggy Dog couldn't be the Pope, not because of his piety or lack thereof, but because of the lifestyle he's chosen. Just because he changed clothes, and started quoting the bible, the rest of his life would give away that he wasn't quite what he was portraying. It isn't entirely rational, but it is highly suggestive, and also quite persuasive. It is the root of most of our preconceptions.

E.G. Question: "What does a women notice first about a man's suit?"
Answer: "His shoes."

Anyways, I've found through my career as a casanova that the best way to win a lady is by the occasional wry observation, tons of charm, a great deal of tenderness, warmth, the ability to speak as well as listen. Not all women like this approach, but well, I have off days, and not all women are the same. But even this of course means nothing if you aren't strong, because women (like men) admire strength, and it inspires confidence. Your words should describe your real character, then they will resonate.