So it's that time of year again....

What the hell am I talking about!!!??!!

September the 11th isn't some Holiday, or some day of national mourning, it's just a day. Something tragic happened last year, but the mark of our strength is our ability to move ON, not dwell on what went so terribly wrong.

If anything, the media feeding frenzy and the dissections of the event last year which are becoming more and more frequent are making me sick of the thought of it. How morbid is it to have our media shove the images of two planes hurtling into a couple of tower blocks again, and again, and again?

I got the point the first time, thanks, and so did the rest of us who watched it, and I am 1000% certain that so did those poor people who were involved in that one horrific moment. The fallout from that day has taken months to sift through, literally, emotionally, and physically. That day lead to a war, an increase of international tensions, and a political drama which is still playing out on our screens.


Let's get back on with our lives. Let's stop inflicting the families with recurring nightmares about that day, let's just remember the day personally, and NOT institutionalize and corporatise it, selling it off piece by piece until finally we end up in our shops looking for 9-11 cards for our loved ones.