Am I the only one who dreamed last night? I feel surprised at this, although it maybe that everyone had nightmares like myself.

It is all so confusing now, but here I go. There is a scene where I am with some people, members of my family, and I am trying to say something or do something to protect one of them. The person who I am speaking to/ stopping, turns around in a flash and stabs me, through the heart. I look down aghast and the blood is pouring forth, over my right hand. The world goes orange and my first thought is that I must get to a hospital, for some reason I am left alone to struggle to the hospital and black out crawling along the road.

I wake up....
it is a little while later.

It comes into my mind that maybe my sternum stopped the blade, or whatever it was and that is why I am still alive, I look down at the place is still quite rough, but there is a scar of some sort over where my heart should be. Then I look into the cold dark cloudy sky with the white flourescent street lamps around me with my hand over my heart and my mind turns to Anya, the girl I loved in my Grammar School.

I am at the entrance of the Study Area in Lower Sixth form and I see her and Shona talking in the area. They pay me no attention, well maybe a little, as I walk in and around. There is no one else there. I am astonished, I haven't seen her in a very long time. I want to reach out and touch her, but the world is still orange and I can't, for some reason it feels wrong to interrupt Shona. I get the feeling that this isn't just a dream, I am reliving a memory that I may have suppressed or something, or maybe I am dead and God is showing me this again. I wan't to listen to what they are saying, and I get the feeling that she and Shona are talking about me, but I can't hear them, and a sadness washes over me knowing I can't speak either.

I return to the street where I awoke, and notice that I have started breathing again. I can't tell how long I must have stopped, it must have been a long time. The orange tint fades as my breathing returns to normal, and I realize I must get up and go and save my family.