Odd little dreams last night, fractured, some of them made sense some didn't. I had a few of those 'voice' dreams, you know? Where you hear the voice of your mind talking about something and you start wondering what it is...

"... and so we take the dianetic surface area of the
 maternacic speakers to perform the final approach.
 Leaves us with the problem of scope. Does this have to
 make a difference to the final outcome? I think not..."

(AAAAAAAAAAAAAARGHHH, what on earth am I talking about?)

Anyway there were a few of these, and each time I got close to understanding, they just sort of fled into the mist of my mind. It was, as you can imagine, *quite* frustrating. There were some visual dreams though, one about me guiding a spaceship, a small fighter type ship, I was sitting in the cockpit, and ready to do something important, when my alarm went off, and I woke up.

BUT, it was my alarm on Jupiter Mining Colony Satellite 2, and I remember thinking, "This can't be right, I didn't start off from here did I?" Anyway I remember getting up and switching on my computer terminal only to find some nice netmails which I read from my bed from the e-tablet. Then I wonder what my parents are upto and I realize they are sleeping in Holywood, about 9 miles from here. Oh, right, I'm in Belfast, Asleep. Dream fizzles. Quite Lucid Too.

Then there was the Obligatory Star Wars Dream, which I was expecting considering I saw the movie (Attack of the Clones) a couple of days ago and it kicked ass. I was, naturally, one of the Jedi in the Arena, beside Master Windel, my lightsaber fully on, and I was using the force like crazy. I had the bright idea of spinning and throwing my lightsaber at about knee level and then controlling it using the force so that it would chop out the legs of loads of droids before returning to me. Sweet. I would then run along the sweep I had just made and recover my lightsaber at the end.

That was a good dream, but it lasted for only about 30 seconds.