Disclaimer: I know practically nothing about sushi; I just know that I eat at this place three or so times a week and it hasn't killed me yet.

Teriyaki Boy is a chain of fast food sushi restaurants with locations in New York City, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. They serve up the standard array of rolls and whatnot - maki, tekka, yellowtail, eel, california rolls and various other kinds, as well as bento boxes, tempura and, of course, teriyaki.

The tempura isn't bad and I find their teriyaki sauce to be a bit on the bland side. The sushi tastes pretty good provided you don't eat exceptionally good or fresh sushi on a regular basis; if you do, I'm reasonably certain this stuff will upset you.

The main selling points, for me at least, are the price (rolls will run you about $3.00 US and they have cheap combo plates) and their delivery, which is, coming from someone who lives in Manhattan and, like it or not, wants everything NOW NOW NOW, impossibly fast - it usually takes about 12 minutes from order to delivery.

All things considered it's not a bad place to get cheap, quick food that doesn't suck.


    New York City:

  • 106 W. 43rd st. (between 6th ave. & Broadway)
  • 732 7th ave. (between 48th & 49th)
  • 483 Columbus ave. (between 83rd & 84th)
  • 885 9th ave. (between 5th & 58th)
  • 150 e. 46th street (bet. 3rd & Lexinton)
  • 1380 1st ave. (between 73rd & 74th)
  • 1640 3rd ave. (between 91st & 92nd)
  • 18 Lexington ave. (between 22nd &23rd)
  • 22 Maidenlane (between Broadway & Nassau)

  • New Jersey:

  • 2024 Center ave., Fort Lee
  • 3535 US Route 1, Princeton

  • Pennsylvania:

  • 901 Market st. Gallery & Food Court, Philadelphia
  • 1625 Chesnut st., Philadelphia
  • 140 Strawberry Sq., Harrisberg