I've never met Silverai_me, but the imaginary version sucks at being apathetic.

A few days ago, I announced in the catbox my impending voyage to the End of the World. I asked if anyone wanted anything, and Silverai_me indicated apathy, perhaps only that special apathy one could get being apathetic in the face of World's End.

I said I didn't know how to pass along apathy. Silverai sent me the following message (shared with permission):

"Awesome! If you give the apathy to the sandman when you go to sleep tonight, he can deliver it to me the next time I go to sleep. It's a dream postal service for intangible items."

That very night, last night, I dreamed a dream.

My wife and I explore Jupiter. People have colonized the gas giant by setting up habitable blocks that float in the toxic atmosphere. I recognize this makes no sense. Settling the moons of Jupiter would be more practical, if space colonies can be practical. Through some dreamtech, these floating blocks counteract the significant gravity. It's even possible to jump the vast distances between blocks without the use of a ship or environmental gear. The surface of the blocks resemble bucolic rural settings.

We leave Jupiter by some sort of ship and I arrive at my childhood home.

There has been a catastrophic overflow in the toilet. Someone identifying himself as "Silverai_me" attempts to clean up. I don't know if the real Silverai_me is a clean-cut thirtyish male without the slightest trace of an Aussie accent, rather like an actor from a 60-era American TV show, but that's who claims the name in the dream. Fortunately, someone summons the cleaning bots, little circular flying devices, and all is well.

Still, that guy was working hard up to that point.

Not at all apathetic, that guy.